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We launched this iteration of the blog (at this domain) in February 2016. Most of our earlier posts are at the publisher’s site. Here is an excerpt of the first post there, on September 16, 2014, a version of which was also published in the print journal:

We aim to (1) disseminate ideas; (2) contribute to discussions and controversies in the field; (3) help readers understand and connect with the research published in Medical Care; (4) provide additional exploration of issues raised in published articles; and (5) use graphics and data visualizations to explain complicated topics.

Unlike Medical Care’s print and online content, the blog is not peer-reviewed, but all content is reviewed and approved by the editors. The blog includes in-depth commentary on issues raised in Medical Care articles from our contributors, interviews with authors of Medical Care articles, and interviews with medical professionals about timely issues. Occasionally, the blog will host guest bloggers from other sites, to comment on issues that are of interest to readers. The blog is also a platform for the kinds of content that has long been published as Letters to the Editor, but in a new medium and accessible to a broader audience.

New content will be posted on the blog regularly. We encourage you to sign up for e-mail alerts and/or RSS feeds to be alerted when new content is posted.

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