medical-careWhat is The Medical Care Blog?

The blog is a place where the scientific community can comment on articles in Medical Care and share their insights and their take on contemporary healthcare delivery and health policy issues.

What kind of writing do you feature on the blog?

Typically, blog posts focus on articles published in Medical Care; however, we are open to submissions relevant to current or ongoing healthcare delivery issues. We publish reactions to new developments in the health policy world, interviews with practitioners and researchers, and thought pieces from health services researchers and clinicians, public health practitioners, and policy wonks.

If I want to respond to a post on The Medical Care Blog, what should I do?

We love comments and feedback! Comments are welcome via our contact form or on Twitter (we’re @medcarebloggers). 

How can I contribute to the blog?

Contact the editors with a pitch! Please include a brief bio, statement of interest (what do you hope to get out of contributing? what do you feel you can offer as a contributor? what are your main areas of interest?), and brief summary of your post.

What are the qualifications necessary to submit on the blog?

We welcome submissions from anyone interested in discussing relevant issues with an audience of public health, healthcare, and medical care professionals, students, and enthusiasts. We do not accept commercial posts, paid posts, or commercially sponsored posts.